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I specialise in Lifestyle Portraits, for both families and newborns. What this means is really one word: relaxed!



What I am aiming to do is capture the real side of your family – what you see everyday – the good, the bad, the ugly, but mostly the good. Those little moments that you will look back on in years to come and reflect – “oh I remember that look!”

Family session can be done either in your own home/ backyard, or we can find a park or location not too far from home.

Sessions are relaxed and fun – children will generally get into it more when we’re doing silly things and having a play – especially with Mum and Dad; and there there are some brilliant locations around Brisbane at our disposal. We might muck about a little bit, or even a lot. Changes of clothes for little people are a good idea ‘just in case’ as are favourite toys or treasures – the teddy they have slept with since a baby, a doll, a truck, a trike. Afternoon sessions (usually after 4pm depending on the time of year), are a great time to get out and about with families – and it’s the perfect time for that fabulous light that can help make a wonderful image.

And what if you have someone who detests having their photo taken? Well – I’m married to one of those and gave birth to another – so am well versed in all forms of trickery to get ‘that’ smile off their face and a real one on it.

And who says that you can’t have great family portraits with older children and teenagers (and beyond) as well? While they might not be overly enthused, you might be  be surprised at how they go – they may even possibly enjoy it (insert audible gasp here)!

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Newborns + Babies

Oh gosh how I love babies! The curl of their little fingers, their snuggly cuddles and that oh-so-delicious newborn baby smell!

So what is a Newborn Lifestyle Session? It’s not convoluted or tricky, just me coming to hand out with you and your new little one at your place for while, typically within the first 10 to 14 days of their life.

Years of experience have shown me that for kids and their parents alike, people tend to relax in their own home which means that I get to capture more of your ‘true selves’ so to speak.We will work around your baby’s schedule and capture some special time in your own home, with a selection of both semi-posed and candid, documentary style shots – as well as some of the lovely details you’re been working so hard on in getting your home ready for your little one.

And remember – this is not a Home Beautiful photo shoot! You don’t need to spend hours cleaning your home. A general tidy is fine, but trust me, we can make anything work! I’m here to photograph your beautiful family – not the dining room table 🙂

Newborn and baby shoots are usually best done in the morning when bubby is nice and content, with it preferable that newborn shoots happen BEFORE baby is 10 days old. I know that sounds a little crazy and is probably the last thing new parents of a new baby might want to think of, but these little beautiful creatures change very quickly – and at around 2 to 3 weeks old they start to get more reactive and sensitive to noise and the world around them.

If there’s one thing we know – a newborn baby means everything is on ‘baby time’ and patience is the key here – and this all fits in around feeds, nappy changes and sleeping. There’s no rush – your newborn session could take up to 3 hours. I do suggest that you feed baby before the session, that way they are nice and sleepy. All they will need to wear is a nappy and wrap them loosely (changing them out of clothes will probably disturb their sleep and we want to avoid that).

It’s best not to have too large an audience for babies as that can be quite distracting for both you and your baby. So if we’re doing your newborn session, plan on shoo-ing well meaning grandparents away for a short while – that will give you a chance to be your natural self with your baby as well. Hey – maybe they can do the shopping for you.

The best time to book your session is about 3 to 4 months before baby is born, then we can liaise as things get closer and lock in a firm date once baby is born – goodness knows they will certainly arrive in their own time on their own terms.

I should note, if you have a look in the photographyrox gallery, you will soon see that the style of newborn photography is largely lifestyle based – this means your baby in your home (or mine) capturing a slice of life of those first precious weeks. I don’t specialise in the ‘baby in a basket’. If that is what you’re looking for, I’d be happy to recommend some of my wonderful colleagues – there are many beautiful Brisbane photographers who specialise in fine art newborn photography.

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What Then?

Approximately three weeks after your session, I will be in touch about locking in a time to visiting my Studio for your Ordering Session. You will have access to an Online Preview 24 hours before your Ordering Session, then once here, you will get to view all of your beautiful preview images up close and personal – as well as see all the beautiful options you have of bringing these to life from the screen. Thanks to some clever technology, I can even help you envision what these will look like in your own home.

People can sometimes be overwhelmed by this, but I’ve done this many (many!) times, and am here to help you.


I cant’ wait to help you create some beautiful art for your home featuring your family! Click here and let’s make it happen!