Time goes fast doesn’t it? Really fast. Blink and suddenly that little baby is walking… then starting school.. then high school.. next they’ll be getting their license… so let’s freeze time, just for a moment.

Because to me, the best family photo is the one you have in your hands. And it’s not always the one where everyone is looking at the camera – it’s the photograph that captures that REAL moment in time; the image that evokes some sort of feeling or emotion, whatever that might be, happiness, sadness, nostalgia – but something none-the-less.

And as a Mum – I get it.

I get that there’s ‘that look’ on your child’s face that makes you forgive pretty much anything.

I get that these precious little people are only small for such a short while and we want to make time stand still for a moment.

I get that little kids become big kids – awesome, spectacular individuals eager to carve their way in the world.

I get that these amazing creatures grow up, leave home, start a life – and you sit back and wonder – ‘when did that happen’.

I’m excited that you’d like me to capture a little of that with you and your family. Click here and let’s make it happen.

– Roxanne


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